Stillmound Village

Located in

Reavers of Stillmound Campaign


A small and inviting village, a center for the slow and sleepy pace of village life, with worn cobblestone streets and old stone buildings, built on the north shore of Toluca lake.

On the west side, village streets wind between old houses to the village school.

On the east side, narrower village streets wind between older houses and vaulted passages up to the medieval ramparts and tower of the main church (devoted to Auril) at the top of a steep hill.

Two cold mountain streams flow through (and beneath) the village, with bridges spaced at regular intervals.

North out of town is a pathway that lead you to the Chapel of Tymora, to a camp at the edge of town, or you can enter the edge of the dark forest. On the northern side of town, and the southern part of the dark forest, you can often spot large ravens, 24" specimens, black with a purple sheen.

Inhabitants will suggest that it is safest to remain indoors after full dark, but they are reluctant to explain why.

Notable Landmarks and Destinations

Armour Smith
Aysen Abbey ( Akadi )
Boromir Karlowin and Company Warehouse
Brass Orchid Tavern
Church of Auril
Clothes Chest
Dark Forest north, outside of town
Diamond Spider Tavern
Forest Edge Camp for those who would prefer to stay outside of town for one reason or another
Fish Market
Jensen's Exchange
Lover's Quarrel
Market Square
Mill Road
Teahouse Tavern
Toluca Lake
Village school
Winding path north to Chapel of Tymora



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