Toluca Lake

Located in

Reavers of Stillmound Campaign


The name Toluca means “fertile valley". Toluca Lake is a large, stream fed freshwater lake, with enough fishable waters to support commercial fishing.

Notable Landmarks and Destinations

Hut - Thatched hut near the edge of the lake, owner Vivian Elaine
Ferryman - the easiest way to cross the lake, for a few coppers
Lakeview Inn Ruins - A once-prominent building, the inn has since been consumed by fire
Lighthouse - old lighthouse built on the northern shores of Toluca Lake.
Lookout tower - on the southern shore, built at the same time as the lighthouse
Stillmound Village on the north side
Toluca Graveyard - A small graveyard and church, overlooking the lake
Toluca Lake Island
Toluca River



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