Plot Element

Location Details

2 months ago


Several events occurred around the same time the party appeared.

60 years ago

Island of the Sea King

Pirates raided the Island of the Sea King. The Sea King was interred.

7’ dude in hide armor.

Mausoleum World

In the mausoleum world. Apparently not super dangerous, as two naked players managed to take it down. Belt knife and hide armor.

Abandoned Barn

Near Burzden

The homestead was burned and looted. The party holed up in this barn to heal from the encounter with the Enormous 2000lb spider, and some other folks.

Adell Vidal

Island of the Sea King

Long dead Sea King of a drowned island. Seen again as a zombie, and slain. Again.

Adric Garthong

Usually Burzden

Dwarf. Unscrupulous merchant, buys low, sells high. Perfectly willing to steal from the party, if he can get away with it. For example, he might pretend he can cast identify, but any real caster will know better. Known to Caprel the Necromancer. Can be often be found in Bursden.


Crescent Moon Tavern, Darkpool

Bartender at Crescent Moon Tavern. Covered in magic items. Has a job for the party, will summon them after he rounds up some items. He works for a mysterious patron known as Master, or the High Wizard.


Gypsy Camp

Lady from the Gypsy camp


Dark Forest

Pointy shoes, leaving pointy footprints. Man sized. A young man. Lives in the Dark Forest. Slightly odd. More of an exoskeleton than actual plate mail.



Stillmound. The armorer is an older human. The armorer could use a name.

Artifact Ring


Grants mysterious and unknown effects. This ring was taken from Keestake, and originally came from Adell Vidal.


Gypsy Camp

Man from the Gypsy camp



In Darkpool, the party was attacked by a human assassin disguised as a pirate. This could have been sent by either (a) the professor, or (b) the Vampires in Stillmound (wanting their Gloves returned). In fact, he was sent by neither of these two groups, but was instead hired by some pirate faction. He used a hand-crossbow with poison tipped quarrels. Killed, then beheaded.

Aysen Abbey


Stillmound. Aysen Abbey is devoted to Akadi, the Queen of Air. She is the goddess of elemental air, speed, and flying creatures. She teaches that her followers should move as much as possible from place to place and from activity to activity.

The abbey is open and airy, with courtyards covered and uncovered, designed to catch as much breeze as possible. Travellers are welcome to stay in an open-air courtyard, possibly under an awning should storms threaten.


Crescent Moon Tavern, Darkpool

at Crescent Moon Tavern. Magic armor under her bodice.

Azure Sea

North of Stillmound Island

North of the Dark Mountains, a steep rocky slope drops down to a beautiful azure sea.

Badger Blade


A blade crafted from the clavicle of a really big badger.


Last seen near the Dark Mountains

Encountered a few times, presumably slain in the battle that allowed Caletha to capture the party. Large white dog with red glowing eyes.

Barnacle Bill


Stranger that pulled Mikheil out of the water onto his boat, and gave him directions near Darkpool. He might be a good person to teach the party more about the various pirate factions.

Big Badger

Dark Hills

12’ dire badger that Manny and party hunted down. Manny creates “The Badger Blade” from the clavicle.

Big wolf with red glowing eyes

Dark Forest

Lead wolf pack in the dark forest. Not terribly bright about managing the pack, leading them to their destruction. Vanished, presumed vaporized when smote with Vidal’s mace

Black John the Red

Darkpool or at sea

Black John is a fearsome 6' swarthy gentlemen with olive skin tone, and jet black hair all over his body. Not like a monkey, but rather like a very hairy guy.

He might look like this:

Black John is currently the captain of the Red Ruby’s Red Roaring Revenge.

Naturally, Black John is now known as "Black John The Red".

Black John is infamous for his battle rage, his bloodthirsty ways, and being a good ship captain.

Rumor has it that he has a powerful patron. Details are sketchy, but Black John does have a map... If someone manages to get a glimpse of the map, they might see some strange, crabbed writing and hand drawn skulls.

( background image ) ( pirate image )

Black John’s Patron


A powerful patron.  Details are sketchy, but Black John does have a map... If someone manages to get a glimpse of the map, they might see some strange, crabbed writing and hand drawn skulls.

Black Trident

Darkpool or at sea

Ship known to have docked at Darkpool

Blood red serpent

Near Burzden

20’ fanged blood red serpent. Menaced the party a few times, but Toya managed to defuse the situation.



Party owns a boat, they dock it with Meli’s dad. There might be some room for hidden compartments, if someone gets crafty. Perhaps a good place to stash some hidden treasure, or empty coffins.

Bodies in the Basement

Darkpool Harbor

4 bodies covered with dust and blood. Humans. No sign of how they appeared. Recently dead. Magical plate, bracers +1, Zach grabbed studded armor. They were slain by strange slashing, and continued to bleed long after death. This mystery has not been solved. The best anyone has managed to come up with is that "teleport spells are dangerous here".

The bodies were interred in the harbor, where they floated.

Boromir Karlowin and Company Warehouse


Boris 'Boromir' Karlowin will store your stuff for you at a mere 5% of it's declared value. With a trusted nickname like Boromir, you know your goods are secure. There are secret doors in the floor of the warehouse, and a gang of kobolds will come and appraise your merchandise. If it is worth more than the "insured" value, they will steal it, sell it, and Boromir, their front man, will give you your insurance payment. It doesn't pay to be greedy... Always insure for more than your product is worth.

Brass Orchid Tavern


Stillmound. For a variety of liquid refreshment, served in a place of comfort and good cheer, adventurers find the Brass Orchid Tavern the only sensible choice Main bar, Family bar, Back room ( rentable in advance ), Grill (salty only), Latrines, Delow's Office, Delow's Bedroom, Celler, other misc rooms.
Delow the owner, Floy the bouncer, Lily, Ugly Bud the cook, Magda, Kali the cat

Brother Heat

Last seen in Darkpool

A smoke Mephit haunting Manny’s character. Might be dead now, might not.

Bulls Head Tavern


Tavern in Darkpool



Orcish agricultural community devoted to Luthic.   Bursden is an agricultural center populated by Orcish followers of Luthic. Pastoral scenes, and farmland, and the occasional heads mounted on pikes. The Temple of Luthic is a stone structure in the center of town, and the population goes heavily armed.

Ritualistic fertility dances are given in Luthic's honor, although they would probably be illegal in other places.

The economy is good, which keeps Luthic in charge, as long as the crops grow and harvest go well. Once every quarter a large sacrifice is offered to Luthic.

Grain is available, and for a little extra, you can get it blessed by Luthic. Party has earned respect in Bursden, or at least fear. Can hear locals referring to them as “those people”.



Stillmound. The butcher shop is run by an adventurer named Toshi. He seems to have an unending supply of ice, and extremely sharp daggers. He also has a stock of different types of fresh meats that he is willing to chop and trim to order.





Tearoom Tavern, Stillmound

Barkeep at Tearoom Tavern. Calitha the barkeep. Bristles with magic items.


Crescent Moon Tavern, Darkpool

at Crescent Moon Tavern. A couple of magic daggers.


Cemetary north of Burzden

Human Necromancer, normally found in a cemetery north of Burzden.

Captain Mose Dorat

Darkpool, or at sea

Friendly, Human captain running cargo between Stillmound and Darkpool. Most of the cargo is grain. One person claims that he has not left Darkpool in 2 months, but that is obviously not the case, as he shipped the party from Stillmound to Darkpool himself. Captian Mose thinks that charts are bad luck.

Cartography Shop (Darkpool)


The cartographer is an old man who is very defensive about his maps. He has no explanation for why his Darkpool maps are different between one month and the next.

Cavern under the Dark Forest

Was under the Dark Forest, current whereabouts unknown

A city, populated by humanoids. Also, some larger humanoids as guards, 9’ tall, 400lbs One is green. 3 ogres and a troll?. Pirates as slaves or snacks. Humanoids are 6’ tall, thin, with leopard spots. This city is currently lost since the Dark Forest danced.

Chapel of Tymora

Southern dark forest

This small chapel is located in a quiet and peaceful glade surrounded by trees. This area is not as dark and mysterious as the rest of the forest, which is to the north. The Chapel of Tymora is quiet, during the day the grounds might be swept by an alcolyte, at night, torchs cast flickering pools of light.

Most curative spells are available at standard pricing for non-believers. Believers can opt to donate for services, or trade in exchange for favors. Typically these favors turn out to opportunities for those bold enough to take the risk. The chapel was originally located in Stillmound proper, but when Weyland was brought back to life, it was moved some distance into the Dark Forest.

Chicken Races


Fortunes can be made or lost at the chicken races. Frequented by Joe Oliver, and rumor says the mysterious force that runs Stillmound can be found frequenting them at times. This rumor is silly, and likely to be false.


With Manny

Manny’s Cat. Heading up the trail, the party discovered a cat 4’ at the shoulder, stone grey. Manny adopts the cat, takes 24 hours, and succeeds. The cat is made of stone. Chip has two basic modes: Angry and Sleep.

Christopher Death

Darkpool, Dead, Stillmound, or at sea

Halfchris’s half brother. Runs a ship between Stillmound and Darkpool. Employs pirates. Linked to slave trade. Possibly the chicken eater from the first encounter in Stillmound (which would mean he can become invisible).

Church of Auril


Stillmound. On the east side of Stillmound, narrow village streets wind between older houses and vaulted passages up to the medieval ramparts and tower of the main church (devoted to Auril) at the top of a steep hill.

As you might expect of a church devoted to the Frostmaiden, the church is always cold and foreboding even on the warmest of summer days. Her priestesses wear ice white robes with blue trim, and are often giving dire warnings about what will happen if donations fall short.

Prices are high for followers, and even higher for other folk. Most standard clerical services are available.



Spring brings torrential rains. Summer is the only season with no frost at night, cool evenings, warm days. Winter is bitterly cold.

Clothes Chest


Stillmound. If your cloak is tattered, and your breeches are torn, for just a few coppers you might find less used gear at Anya Dyer's shop. Clothes that Anya makes are made in this shop are tagged with [ad]. Mikheil gets specialized clothing here.

Coin of Tymora

With Lemonhead

Lemonhead has this coin, picture of Tymora on one side, a shamrock on the other. Brings a luck bonus.

Crescent Moon Tavern


Was locked and shuttered, when the party needed a place to hide. Pillars were loosely shuttered, when the shutters came off, they turned out to be sleep runes. Stocks excellent wine. Opens at 8 AM. Staff treats the party like paying customers: Respectful, courteous, and leave the party to do their business.

Crystal Spider Inn

Stillmound See the Diamond Spider Tavern

Dagger of the Sea King

With Toya

+2 dagger

Dark Forest

North of Stillmound

The trees of this forest are ominous and twisted. They are a mixture of conifers and deciduous trees. In the southern part of the forest nearest Stillmound, you can often spot large (24") ravens, black with a purple sheen.

Wolves are often heard howling in the depths of the forest. The dark forest vanished for the duration of Weyland’s death. Not just the trees, but the actual terrain under them. When Weyland returned, the forest did as well, in a new configuration.

Dark Tea Tearoom Tavern A strong, deep brown tea. It is available at the Tearoom Tavern for a very limited clientelle. If you are allowed a taste of this rare beverage, you would find it an alien mixture of wild green flavors, and a firey bite. When it hits your belly, a deep, long lasting warmth spreads through your entire body, and any cravings that you might have fade.


South of Toluca Lake

Pirate community, center of a slave trade, and other trade. Crowded little port town. A large population, considering the size of the town.   A rough port town, populated with traders, pirates, and slavers. The humans here tend to be tall and muscular, yellow or reddish hair, loud and boisterous. Orcs and half-orcs are the next most commonly represented, as well as some other unusual races. Large humanoids are rare here, as ships are not designed for their bulk.

If a ship is careful, or there is a fog, you could navigate past Darkpool and go upriver to Toluca Lake. On the other hand, a bit of bad luck might just bring out some unwanted attention. The center of darkpool was a lovely covered well in a large market square, in sight of Miller’s Tavern, but at some point (perhaps when Saladriel arrived) it shifted to the Crescent Moon Tavern. Luthilda claims that Darkpool has been around several hundred years. This pirate town is where the raiders that snatched the party early on are based. Average level is probably 12 ( aka stout ).

Deadly Fog Stillmound Occasionally a heavy night fog will roll in Stillmound that is thick. When the fog lifts, the world it leaves behind is changed. Sometimes, construction occurs, and things are added to the world. Far more often, things can vanish so completely that you wonder if they ever even existed.

Death Tower aka Mausoleum World


At times when players “die” in game, they find themselves strapped to a table in the death tower, with a mysterious stone crown attached to their head. Manny’s theory states that if all the players die, the party might be able to escape. Naturally, this theory has yet to be tested.

Manny reported being able to see a library on one visit.

Diamond Spider Tavern


For a cheap drink and cheaper thrills, there is no better tavern in the whole city than The Diamond Spider. Over the stout oak door that is the main entrance to the cavern swings an ocatagonal sign which depicts a glistening arachnid framed against a dark web pattern. The sign reads "The Diamond Spider - S. Braz, Proprietor."

Likely starting point for an adventuring party.

Spiders Web - 2gp drink
Cheese Platter - 3sp
Dagger Pitching
Spider Races
Leg Wrestling
Howling Contests
Bar, Storage room, Privies ( his, and hers ), Party room, Dagger boards, Stage, Semi-private booths, private booths.
Spider Braz, Vishina, Mondrin Delain, Tavern workers, Patrons



Summoned mount. Not sure where Distraction is at, but Distraction did not dissappear at the end of the spell duration.


Dark Mountains, in an abandoned dwarven settlement

A rust colored dragon was found in an abandoned dwarven settlement. He could breathe fire and ice attacks (each one every 3 rounds) and cast Sorcerer spells. His breath weapons do 60 (save for half). There is a very good chance that the dragon is actively hunting for the party.

Dragon Scale

With Mikeil

Rust colored dragon scale. Mikheil has this as a spell component. Presumably came from the dragon the party encountered.

Drow Lieutenant

Last seen with Ilvilkithar

Attacked party  in Burzden, was put down (but survived due to the crowd). Later soloed Mikheil and put him down handily. Allied with Ilvilkithar.

Dryad’s Fury

At Darkpool or at sea

Ship known to have docked at Darkpool

Dwarven Magic Shop

Gone or with Nal Morten Garthun

Was located in a hidden area next to a dwarven settlement that had been taken over by a dragon. It seems to have vanished since then. Proprietor Nal Morten Garthun was trading larger value items for smaller ones.

Enormous 2000 lb spider

Dark Forest

Not seen since the party fled from it during the forest fire.


With Mikheil

An alt for Mikheil, dressed as a female orc in a bustier and purple silks.


Crescent Moon Tavern, Darkpool

Cook at Crescent Moon Tavern. A couple of magic items.

Ferryman (Toluca Lake)

North Toluca Lake

Ferryman - the easiest way to cross the lake, for a few coppers

Field of Cracked Bones

Dark Hills

Located in the Dark Hills. Looks like crushed gravel from a distance, but turns out to be cracked bones, like something was hunting the marrow. Ogres? Dogs? Birds? Mostly large mammal bones, perhaps reptilian. Smallest is wolf sized, largest is mammoth sized.

Fish Market


Stillmound. He also has a stock of different types of fresh fish that he is willing to ch0p and trim to order.

Forest Edge Camp

Stillmound, North

Stillmound, North. It is said that the souls of those that die in the Dark Forest are doomed to wander forever. Obviously not true, or Weyland would not be back.

Forest Fire

Dark Forest

The party encountered a knot of webbing choked trees, and decided to clear the blockage by setting the webbing on fire. This triggered a major forest fire that troubled the party for most of a month. This is where the first Mephit was spotted, except maybe the darkness in Manny’s Shadow.


Tearoom Tavern, Stillmound

Human proprietress of the Tearoom Tavern, fast talker. Apparently not aware that her employees are vampires.

Giant Dire Bear

Dark Forest

Trophy harvested with Weyland’s help to pay Weyland for the awakening cast on Princess. 15” wide tracks. 2500 lbs.

Giant Tooth Dagger

Nal Morten Garthun

Looks like a giant yellowish thorn. Stats like dagger.

Gigantic Tooth Dagger

Manny Badgers or Nal Morten Garthun

Looks like a giant yellowish thorn. Stats like masterwork dagger.

Gloves of Dexterity (+6)


These gloves where hidden in a Puzzle Box that the party received from Raxic at Miller’s Tavern in exchange for the Lead Scarab that Caletha asked the party to deliver. The party opened the box (with a high int roll) and discovered Gloves of Dexterity (+6). Mikheil claimed them for his own, which resulted in:   ·         Dreams of his hands being cut off ·         Itching ·         Joe Oliver visiting and asking that the item be delivered ·         Caletha attacking the party with a group of Vampire Spawn minions, and transforming them all into vampires.

Green Dagger


Ilvilkithar used this to slay Weyland. Green spiderweb handle with emerald. Black blade. Later identified as a dagger of poison (+1). Toya has it.

Green Great Sword


Extracted at great peril from a dragon’s treasure pile. Silver and green lines threaded through it, edge is a fine saw blade of green crystals. Lemonhead has this (+5) great sword.

Gypsy Camp

Last seen in Dark Hills

Igor – scout. Rosa, Anna, Rhona, Rowan are ladies, Thorn, Ash, Oak are men. Appears to be a total of about 25 people in the camp. All human, high average charisma. Much dancing and music making. They serve a rich and hearty stew made mainly of root vegetables, garlic, rosemary, and broth. Trailer hitches are carved to look like large teeth. They have a language they can speak amongst themselves that outsiders do not (usually) know. Probably Vistani or Romanian. The Gypsies stole the parties silver, and fled after the seer Rhona tried to read Mikheil’s fortune. Might have been due to the gloves, or it might have been due to Toya’s ring.

It is also possible that Rhona noted John's fate, and decided it was time to move.


Last seen in Island of the Sea King

Orc captor. Party drowned him. Probably still dead.



Healing hospital, white marble floors, heavily warded. The healers here are a bit insane, they will protect and heal anyone that enters their courtyard and asks for haven. This applies to creatures of any sort or alignment. No violence is tolerated on the hospital grounds, although I am not sure how this is enforced.

Henry’s Horrible Holesale


Offers 25% for all items.

Human male, vecna holy symbol

Near Burzden

Probably a cleric. Slain by party near Burzden

Hut (Toluca Lake)

North Toluca Lake

Hut - Thatched hut near the edge of the lake, owner Vivian Elaine. Viviane learns her magic from Merlin, who becomes enamored of her. She refuses to give him her love until he has taught her all his secrets, after which she uses her power to trap him either in the trunk of a tree or beneath a stone, depending on the story and author.

In the campaign, possibly a water nymph, an enchantress, or both.


Gypsy Camp

Scout from the Gypsy camp


Dark Hills or Dark Forest areas

Drow female, assumed priestess. She slew Weyland with a green handled dagger “this is for killing my spiders” (probably related to the burned webbing). Summoned an enormous 2000lb spider rather than dealing with the party. According to Luthilda, the Drow were responsible for causing the trouble in Burzden, causing a lot of Orcs to get militant, and then go and get dead. Drow city located underground, according to Luthilda. Has no current beef with Weyland or the party. Has asked the party to bring a shipment of ale to her.

Inori the Hunter

Last seen in Darkpool Enori the Hunter. Carries oversized bow carved from solid piece of bone. If you have the misfortune of being on the wrong side of his arrows, you find that they are also carved from bone. Claims to come from some island you have never heard of. He carries a number of mysterious leaf wrapped packets, probably meat. He is tall and thin, waist length scarlet hair. His outfit is a generic brown, very suitable for hunting in the woods. Hunter on the wrong side of the law. Knowledgeable about food preservation, and curing with salt and/or sugar. Suspicious, guards his leaf wrapped cargo. Enori was last seen getting off a boat at Darkpool, and if you need to talk to him, this is probably the place to start looking. Enori was originally generated using tools found here

Jensen’s Exchange


When in need of money, or good second-hand items, one often things of visiting a pawnshop. Near the waterfront is Jensen's Exchange, just what you need.

Melkeras Ventris the merchant (and occasionally his daughter Melisana) run Jensen's Exchange - a general store featuring most equipment items.

Jet Black Necromantic Ring


Was worn by one of the strange elves. Unknown.

Joe Oliver


Was previously a waif “small orphan boy” that has befriended Mikheil and Lemonhead.  

Was very poor when the party met him, and borrowed money from Mikheil. He apparently made his fortune with this loan at the Chicken Races, and is now commonly found wearing a custom tailored suit.  He loves Mikheil, and Lemonhead, but Mikheil hates him. Apparently Joe is oblivious to this.

At some point he procured a chicken named "Lucky" that the Miller cast a permanent Bulls Strength on.   Due to a conversation with Lemonhead, has now founded a dynasty of racing chickens.


Last seen offshore of Darkpool

Was the personal groom of Adell the mountain king. Is driven to find a lost ring (artifact) that Toya currently possesses.   Capable of projecting his image some distance, made of solidified smoke, and sending a message that only specific people can hear (or even see).   Not been seen since Toya put on the Artifact Ring.

Key from a Ship


Rhona the Gypsy says it is a key from a lost ship. Mikheil did not want to know where the lost ship could be found.

Korinn Archipelago


The Korinn Archipelago is a peaceful trading and fishing area, a string of islands in the western sea. The Archipelago contains hundreds of islands, some of them enormous, some are quite small. There is no central government, instead, there are small island governments.

This setup is perfect for a GM. You can detail the islands you want to detail, and you can control the progression of the party from location to location.

This campaign starts on a larger island, in the village of Stillmound, located on the northern shores of Toluca Lake.

Lars Hawthorn

Tearoom Tavern, Stillmound

Lars Hawthorn the bouncer at the Tearoom Tavern.  Not magical, but has a large (baseball bat) club.

Lead Scarab


Caletha asked party to deliver this to Miller’s Tavern in Darkpool.

Lemonhead Stark


Lemonhead Stark Human Fighter Female (NG)

Lighthouse (Toluca Lake)

North Toluca Lake

old lighthouse built on the northern shores of Toluca Lake

Lookout Tower (Toluca Lake)

South Toluca Lake

on the southern shore, built at the same time as the lighthouse

Lover’s Quarrel


Stillmound. The Lover's Quarrel
A thick, heart-shaped wooden sign sits high above the doorway to the Lover's Quarrel, one of many run-down shops lining the market's northern edge. The thick red paint of the shop's weathered sign has faded to a pinkish hue, and a single quarrel, protruding at a jaunty angle, is imbedded deeply into it. Customers find themselves in a well-kept shop which is dimly lit by small lamps and smoking tallow candles.

The store is small without being cramped, the walls lined with racks which hold quivers, unstrung bows, arrows, and quarrels of all lengths and types. The scents of lumber, paint, glue, and drying sinew mingle with that of the burning candles. Behind a narrow wooden counter, scratched and gouged from years of use, is a small work area, cluttered with tools, glass containers, and wood shavings.

Serlic's standard business hours are from ten o'clock in the morning until about an hour before dark. He has been known to open his doors to shadier parties after hours.

Goods and Services
Although finely-made, the majority of Serlic's merchandise is mundane, both in form and function. The average bowman (or crossbowman) cannot afford to waste a week's pay on a single piece of ammunition, and so Serlic spends a good deal of his time producing standard arrows and quarrels.

The majority of Serlic's arrow and quarrel tips are produced by a prominent local blacksmith, but the shafts, knocking, and fletching are all finished by Serlic himself. The feathers used at the Lover's Quarrel for fletching are the best quality available, and are taken from the wings of white or gray geese. Each arrow and bolt is meticulously assembled, and the final product is always beautifully crested with Serlic's mark and varnished.

Cresting is a method of painting multi-colored rings around the shafts of arrows. It acts as both a maker's mark, and helps to identify an individual type of missile while it is still in the quiver. Arrows made for nobles are often crested with their heraldic colors. This aids in identifying the shooter of an arrow that hits a target during a hunt or other contest. Customers with less distinguished bloodlines can have their arrows crested, too. Personalized cresting varies in cost depending on its complexity. The average cost is as little as 2 coppers per arrow, up to 5 silvers for intricate designs made with expensive or rare pigments.

Arrows and Bolts

Ammunition Type

Arrow Cost

Bolt Cost¹

Damage Modifier





+60 gp

+60 gp




+1 bonus to hit, ignores hardness below 20.

Alchemical Silver

+2 gp

+2 gp




-1 damage, Effective against lycanthropes, etc.


1 gp

2 gp




+1 bonus to hit armored targets.


1 gp

2 gp




Does 1d6 additional damage when removed.

Cold Iron

1 sp

2 sp




Effective against fey creatures, etc.


+1 gp

+1 gp




Weigh half as much as normal ammunition.

Flight, Lesser

1 sp

2 sp


+10 ft.


Light arrows designed for extreme range.


1 gp

2 gp


-25 ft.


Critical range of firing weapon is increased by 1.


+6 gp

+6 gp




+1 bonus to hit.


5 cp

1 sp






1 gp

2 gp


-25 ft.


A heavy, blunt arrow designed to stun targets.


2 gp

4 gp




-3 penalty to hit, can deafen targets.


2 gp

4 gp


-20 ft.


Can carry a small amount of liquid or powder.

1. Bolts for repeating crossbows cost double the listed price. 2. These types of arrows must be created as masterwork items, and this has been taken into account in regards to the listed prices. 3. The weapon deals nonlethal damage rather than lethal damage.

Item InventoryPrice Buyback
Composite Longbow4 + -10pp
Composite Shortbow4 + -7pp 5gp
Longbow4 + -7pp 5gp
Shortbow4 + -3pp
Adamantine: Ammunition with adamantine tips are considered to be masterwork items. When used to attack objects, they have a natural ability to bypass hardness. Adamantine arrows and bolts ignore hardness ratings that are less than 20, and grant a +1 bonus to hit. Any other type of arrow or bolt can be crafted of adamantine, but this increases the base cost by 60gp. For more information on adamantine, please consult chapter seven of the DMG. Alchemical Silver: This is a normal arrow or bolt in all respects, except that silver has been alchemically bonded to the steel tip. On a successful attack, such an arrow or bolt inflicts -1 points of damage (minimum damage of 1 point). Arrows constructed of special materials, such as adamantine or cold iron, cannot be treated with alchemical silver. Treating an arrow or bolt with alchemical silver increases the base cost by 2gp. For more information on alchemical silver, please see chapter seven of the DMG. Armor-Piercing: These arrows and bolts are equipped with a thin, bodkin-style tip. Armor-piercing ammunition conveys a +1 bonus to hit against armored targets and targets with a natural armor bonus, but does -1 points of damage to all targets (minimum damage is 1 point). Barbed: Armed with a barbed tip, these arrows and bolts are otherwise normal until they are removed from their target. A healer attempting to remove a barbed arrow or bolt must succeed at a Heal skill check (DC 15 + the amount of damage the arrow caused). If unsuccessful, removal of the arrow or bolt deals an additional 1d6 points of damage. The healer can take 10 on this roll, but cannot take 20. Cold Iron: Arrows and bolts with tips fashioned from cold iron are particularly effective against certain creatures, particularly fey. Making any other ammunition type into a cold iron version multiplies the base cost by 2. For more information on cold iron, see chapter seven of the DMG. Darkwood: Arrows and bolts with shafts constructed of darkwood are lighter than normal, and are considered to be masterwork items. Bolts and arrows constructed of darkwood cost 1gp more each, but weigh half as much as normal bolts or arrows. For more information on darkwood, please see chapter seven of the DMG. Flight, Lesser: Lesser flight arrows are less-expensive variations on the standard flight arrow. Constructed of light woods and metal alloys, the range bands of these arrows and bolts are increased by 10 feet, yet the damage inflicted by the arrow is reduced by -1. They are not considered to be masterwork items because of their cheaper construction. Leaf-Head/Sheaf: Leaf-head (or sheaf) arrows and bolts are equipped with a heavy, broad-bladed point. Due to their weight, they reduce the range increment of any weapon firing them by 25 feet. The heavy tip adds +1 to any damage rolled, and the critical range of such ammunition is increased by one. Masterwork: Masterwork arrows and bolts are so finely crafted that they grant a +1 circumstance bonus to hit. Making any other type of  projectile into a masterwork version increases the base cost by 6gp. Normal: This is a standard arrow or bolt, with no special qualities. Sap: The sap arrow is a heavier variation of the standard blunt arrow. It includes a thicker shaft and a heavier lead-filled tip. Because of the sturdier construction and heavy head, the ranges of sap arrows or bolts are reduced by twenty-five feet, while the nonlethal damage inflicted by a successful hit is increased by +2. For details on nonlethal damage, see chapter seven of the Player's Handbook. Shrieking: Shrieking arrows and bolts, like signaling arrows, generate a loud, piercing noise that increases as the projectile increases in velocity. Unlike signaling arrows, this shrieking can deafen and disorient targets. When fired, a shrieking arrow affects anyone within five feet of the arrow's path. Anyone so affected must make a Fort save (DC 12) or be deafened for 1d4+1 rounds. If this save results in a natural roll of "1," the deafness lasts 1d4+1 hours. If used directly against targets like a standard arrow, shrieking arrows and bolts impose a -3 penalty on the to-hit roll and -1 penalty to the arrow or bolt's damage. Shrieking arrows can also be used like regular signaling arrows. The effects of deafness can be found in chapter eight of the DMG. Vial: A vial arrow or bolt consists of a normal wooden shaft that is tipped with a small glass vial. The vial can hold a single ounce of liquid or powder, and is corked by the shaft of the arrow or bolt itself (which is tipped with a small, dense cork). The glass vial shatters upon impact, spreading its contents over the target. The heavy glass tip reduces the range increment of such an arrow or bolt by 20 feet, and damage is reduced by -3 points (minimum damage rolled is 1 point). Common fillers for these vials include contact poisons, holy water, powdered irritants (ground pepper, etc.), oil, and paint. Acid-filled vials present a problem, since an acid of any strength will eat away at the vial's cork in moments. Serlic "You gonna look at that all day, or did paying for it cross your mind?" Serlic is a middle-aged man with at least one elf in his ancestral woodpile. Tall and big-boned, he shows his human parentage more than his elven. He has a broad nose, green eyes, and black hair that is quickly going to gray at the temples. His skin is ruddy, likely due to the occasional nip from a small, steel flask that is filled with cheap, fragrant spirits. Though not unattractive, Serlic is difficult to like if one isn't familiar with his acerbic manners and sarcastic attitude. He wears a dingy smock over his clothing when he works, but dresses plainly enough when away from the shop. His clothes are always a little wrinkled, as if he'd slept in them. Leode "Might I help you with something, sir?" Leode is a thirteen year-old human girl, with tangled blond hair and a perpetually dirty, freckled complexion. She is always eerily mindful of her surroundings, and her chocolate brown eyes seem to take in every minute detail. Leode is commonly seen while dressed in her apprentice's clothes, which consist of a brown leather apron, a stained white shirt which is several sizes too large, and a pair of breeches made from brown broadcloth. Her demeanor is one of brevity, and Leode can say more with a word and a pointed glance than most people can say in a page's worth of dialogue. Serlic found Leode on his doorstep two years ago, snatching coins and purses from unwary patrons as they came and went. His first impulse was to tan the girl's hide, but something in her manner made him stay his hand. As dirty and unkempt as she was, he decided to instead take the wretched urchin in. Over time he came to enjoy her company, as well as the spare pair of hands that she would loan him when things in the Lover's Quarrel got too busy. It was only a matter of time before he asked her to be his apprentice. Perhaps Serlic saw a little bit of himself in the child, or maybe he loathed the thought of her future as one of the many whores who perpetually worked the streets and alleyways of the Old Quarter. Whatever his reasons, Leode has since become a fixture in his shop, sitting at a small table while she crests arrows, or running errands for Serlic across town. Serlic: Male half-elf Exp 6; CR 7; medium humanoid; HD 6d6-5; hp 18; Init +2; Spd 30 ft.; AC 12 (touch 12, flat-footed 10); Base Atk +4; Grp +4; Atk +4 melee (1d4/19-20, dagger) or +7 ranged (1d6, masterwork shortbow); Full Atk: +4 melee (1d4/19-20, dagger) or +7 ranged (1d6, masterwork shortbow); Space/Reach 5 ft./5 ft.; AL LN; SV Fort +1, Ref +4, Will +6; Str 10, Dex 15, Con 8, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 14.

Skills and Feats: Appraise +11, Craft (bowmaking) +14, Diplomacy +12, Disable Device +6, Gather Information +12, Knowledge GREATSWORD +9, Listen +2, Profession (fletcher) +10, Search +3, Sense Motive +9, Speak Common, Speak Elven, Speak Orc, Spot +2, Survival +7, Use rope +6; Martial Weapon Proficiency (shortbow), Martial Weapon Proficiency (longbow), Skill Focus (Craft [bowmaking]).

Possessions: Masterwork tools (bowmaking, fletching), masterwork shortbow, dagger, steel hip flask filled with cheap whiskey, quiver of true strike, thumb ring of accuracy, thumb ring of might, The Lover's Quarrel, 298 gp in coins, 3,000 gp in property.

Allies: Leode (Serlic's apprentice).

Enemies: None.

Tactics: When pressed into combat, Serlic prefers to fight from range with his bow. He is seldom given that luxury in Liberty's cramped alleys, and instead relies on his trusty dagger for self-defense.

Leode: Female human Rog1; CR 1; Medium-size humanoid; HD 1d6; hp 6; Init +2; Spd 30 ft.; AC 12 (touch 12, flat-footed 10); Base Atk +0; Grp -1; Atk -1 melee (1d4-1/19-20, dagger); Full Atk: -1 melee (1d4-1/19-20, dagger) or +2 ranged (1d4-1/19-20, dagger); Space/Reach 5 ft./5 ft.; SA Sneak attack +1d6; SQ Trapfinding; AL CG; SV Fort +0, Ref +4, Will +2; Str 8, Dex 14, Con 10, Int 13, Wis 15, Cha 12.

Skills and Feats: Balance +4, Bluff +3, Craft (bowmaking) +3, Diplomacy +2, Disable Device +2, Escape Artist +4, Gather Information +7, Hide +4, Knowledge GREATSWORD +4, Listen +8, Move Silently +5, Open Lock +4, Profession (fletcher) +4, Search +4, Sense Motive +5, Sleight of Hand +5, Speak Common, Speak Orc, Spot +6, Tumble +3; Alertness, Investigator.

Possessions: Hidden dagger, 198 gp in coins, 700 gp in stolen goods stashed away in several locations.

Allies: None.

Enemies: None.

Tactics: Given the choice, Leode will flee from any violent confrontation. She is well aware that her martial skills are sorely lacking, and thus prefers to use strict discretion when choosing the battles that she will fight. On the rare occasion when she must fight, she prefers to remain unseen while she inserts her dagger between an opponent's ribs. Unbeknownst to Serlic, Leode is also apprentice to one of the Thieves' Guild's snoops, assigned to work her way into Serlic's good graces so that someone can keep a wary eye on him at all times. While Serlic has been a staunch ally to the Guild for many years, he often fills contracts for arrows and bolts with Liberty's city guard. Leode pays close attention to Serlic's conversations with these customers, and reports anything out of the ordinary. When she first took on the assignment of gaining Serlic's trust, Leode figured him for just another mark. After two years of constant contact with the fellow, she's not so sure. Although he has recently started to drink to excess, and his demeanor is rarely polite or friendly, Leode has developed an unwelcome affection for the old half elf. These feelings have divided her loyalty between Serlic and her true master, and she has grown reluctant to pass along information to the Guild that might somehow incriminate him.



Horse  - sold to orcish followers of Luthic in Bursden.


Dark Forest

Never seen, but his gear was located in an odd abandoned house. Possibly related to the hunter Riven?


Worshiped in Burzden

Goddess of Agriculture ( Fertility, Medicine, Females, and Servitude. Luthic embodies the orcish feminine ideal, subordinate to male orcs but still protecting the cohesion of orcish society. Her sacred animal is the cave bear. Her symbol is an orcish rune meaning "home."



Crazy cat lady who collects colorful rocks. Can cast spells, including identify, and cal also provide various spell components.   Skulls in her garden.   Disguised version of party owes Luthilda a favor to be named later.   Luthilda asked for the gem in the red snake’s crop, but Toya refused.   Also source of the rumor that vampires are running Stillmound.   She claims to be 400 years old.   “Whatever is at work here keeps things. Curses are permanent. Spells are permanent. Teleport spells don’t work.

Manny Badgers


Manny Badgers Many Badgers Half Elf Ranger  (N) nickname ‘many beavers’. Has spent some time watching the sailing process. Rhona the Gypsy predicted that he will have a long and fruitful life and bear many children as the slave of an elf maiden.

Manny’s Shadow

Near Manny Badgers

Manny’s shadow seems darker than normal at times. He has also had encounters with smoke mephitis.  This occurred before the forest fire, but might be related to the mephits. He has also fought a mephit ina dream sequence, and brought burns from his dreams into reality. Later he slew a smoke mephit named “Brother Heat” , which seems to have cleared up most of the issues.


Crescent Moon Tavern, Darkpool

at Crescent Moon Tavern. Loaded down with magic items.

Market Square (Darkpool)


A large and active market, with a variety of items for sale, including a surplus of what must be stolen goods.


Unknown, probably Darkpool

The staff at the Crescent Moon Tavern seems to think that the party work for this mysterious person.  Possibly a case of mistaken identity, perhaps the bodies in the basement actually work for this person.


Tearoom Tavern

Maytessa, aka Mistress Maytessa, aka Did You Hear Something, aka Mother Tesseract, aka Mother Tess, aka Grandmother Tess. Maytessa, the owner of the Tearoom Tavern, is not available right now. Different from the human proprietress Galadia.   Vampires, like dragons, grow more powerful with age. Calitha’s maker, Mistress Mayessa, seems so ancient, she has forgotten what she is.   If she wakes, respectfully refer to her as grandmother Tess, obey her completely, and pray she does not regain her senses. Never mention death, blood, or vampires to her. If you are lucky, she will ask for cookies, and then return to sleep.   Viewed sleeping: She is an ageless beauty, pale, smiling faintly in her sleep. Waves of power pour from her sleeping body, making the very air tremble.

Note: No one actually said that Maytessa was a vampire... Just that she was dangerous, and that Caletha regards her as her maker. Perhaps she is an incarnation of Kali, dreaming she is a sweet little old lady.

Grandmother Tess comes down the stairs, and says “My weary old bones could use the warmth of a bit of hot tea”.  She speaks pleasantly, of nothing in particular,  seeming rather harmless. The firelight flickers, a little, but you could swear that her eyes glow from within. In the middle of a sentence, she suddenly freezes, staring at her hands. Caletha gently takes her by the arm and says, “Grandmother? It’s time to go back to bed, shall we?”



Wishes to see the world before taking over her father’s shop. Follower of the sea goddess Istisha, but currently built as a Favored Soul. AKA Mel, Meli, Melisana. Sailing background. Her father is currently docking the party’s boat.


Jensen's Exchange, Stillmound

Merchant that runs Jensen’s exchange, father of Melisana



Warns townsfolk about upcoming “fog night” in Stillmound.

Mikhail Courdeleone


Mikhail Courdeleone Human Cleric (to start) (CG)

Miller’s Tavern


Darkpool Location. Selinez Bartender has purple glittery eyes, wide forehead, and alabaster hair. The bar has been around “A long time”. Owned by Mostef Durat. (Probably Captain Mose Durat, or close kin).

Missing professors


According to Saladriel, several professors and board members have vanished, which is why she was sent to investigate what had happened, and fell into the same trap the party is stuck in.

Naga’s Saloon


Darkpool Location

Nal Morten Garthun


Dwarven magic shop owner, at least when times are better. Currently on the run with the party. He helped the party with a few trades, later the party helped him back from the brink of death. He travelled with them for a time.

New Talisman Saloon

Darkpool Location

Darkpool Location

Night in Stillmound


Muffled screams, and foes are mysteriously slain. Bodies are never found. Construction and repair often occurs. The people do not even look out, it is considered bad luck, when there is a warning. If the alarm is heeded, the people are safe. Once in a while a drunk turns up missing, or perhaps an out-of-towner. When the fog retreats repair and construction is sometimes done.


Gypsy Camp

Man from the Gypsy camp


Southern Dark Forest

Camped out in the southern part of the Dark Forest. Trapping humans, but harmless according to Weyland

Olaf / Otto


Dark, tall, plate armor, skull on sword hilt, hair wild and unkempt, no helmet. Tall dark and mysterious. Monsters that need slaying. A paladin perhaps. Strongly hates undead. Casting true seeing causes the caster to pass out. Apparently Olaf’s true form is too hideous to view. Otto was later spotted asking Oliver about the fate of the first Otto.

Old Man Sorros


Stooped shoulder old man. Symbol of aging and old folks. Willing to share sorrow with all who sit still long enough to hear his stories.

Outraged Giant


Darkpool Location

Prince Ardell

Island of the Sea King

Son of Mountain King Adell, died early

Princess Pcrescent

With Toya

An awakened celestial giant fire beetle, aligned with Toya.

Professer Dickhead

Faerun University

Sent the players to their mysterious doom. Presumably he knew what he was getting them into, and it is all part of some sort of nefarious plot.

Psi Bow


Bow has no strings. A psionicist can fire ordinary arrows that become magical arrows that radiate extreme cold. Magic is enchantment, necromancy, and at least one other (psionics). Any attempt to pick up the arrow, it disintegrates into a white powdery substance. Made of snow? Or Ash? After disintegration, the arrow no longer radiates magic. Manny was hit by an arrow.  He sees only in grayscale, and feels weird. He tried to do an action, and fell forward to the ground (it felt like he splashed into water) and found himself in the dead dream area, with Chip. Chip was also in real life gnawing on the archer, so something odd was going on there. Seen used by some odd looking elves.

Puzzle Box

With Caletha

Received from Raxic at Miller’s Tavern in exchange for the Lead Scarab that Caletha asked the party to deliver. Party opened the box (with a high int roll) and discovered Gloves of Dexterity (+6).



A “tiny little demon face” peering down from the rooftops. Landed Cloudkill, and killed Manny and Lemonhead’s characters in one spell. Toya ’s response “I don’t want to go into prostitution” (how else can we get 5000gp piece gems). Slain by Vrocks.

Rast Aleman

Shiny Shilling, Darkpool

Runs the Shiny Shilling magic shop. Narrow eyes, long hooked nose, nasal voice. Offers 40% for only magic items.  He does not deal in other items.


Northern Stillmound, Southern Dark Forest

24” tall, black with purple sheen. Northern part of Stillmound, southern part of the Dark Forest.


Miller's Tavern, Darkpool

Brown priest robes, olive green hair, lemon yellow eyes, long fingers, human ears. Sense motive and sense religion are ineffective. Not in the mood to talk. When asked if he knows Calitha, he gets pale and mutters “Vecna help me”. Gave a puzzlebox in exchange for the lead scarab. Party theorized at one time that Raxic might be the Darkpool center, which would explain why they were used to ferry items back and forth. This has since been disproven. Been around “2 months” (similar amount of time that the party has been around). Raxik the Priest. Large lemon-yellow eyes. Neck-length olive green hair. Very slender build. Long-fingered hands. Raxik is very strong, although you might not know it looking at him. He is also very antisocial. He tends to mutter curses to Vecna when startled or upset.

The party delivered a lead covered scarab to him in Miller's Tavern in Darkpool.

They offered to deliver something for him, and received a puzzle box in return. When shaken, the puzzle box rattles, pehaps like uncut gemstones. Raxik was last in Miller's Tavern in Darkpool, and if you need to talk to him, this is probably the place to start looking. The vampires from Stillmound sent the Scarab to him. Not much else is known about his intentions.

Red Ruby’s Red Roaring Revenge

Darkpool or at sea

Ship seen docked (at least once) in Darkpool.


Gypsy Camp

Seer from the Gypsy camp. She dictates when the town moves. Stereotypical crone.

Ring Guy


Was drinking at Miller Tavern, and was drunk and rowdy.  Party followed him out of the tavern, and into the attentions of a press gang.


Dark Forest

Hunter. Introduced as a dead man.   Known to Weyland the Druid, and Caprel the Necromancer.


Gypsy Camp

Lady from the Gypsy camp


Crescent Moon Tavern, Darkpool

at Crescent Moon Tavern. Magic: Wand, buckler, sword, cloak.

Rosy Boa

With Mikheil

Mikheil's Familiar


Gypsy Camp

Lady from the Gypsy camp

Saladriel the School Teacher

Crescent Tavern, Darkpool

Saladriel was sent supposedly by the professor to investigate the situation, but it also seems likely that she was sent as a means to dispose of a rival. Professor send Saladriel directly to the party, but they were looking in the Darkpool waters at the time, so she ended up taking a sudden bath. On being informed the party’s theory about pocket planes and being trapped, she attempts to leave via Greater Teleport, but that spell fails. Info: Several professors and board members have vanished. Later she summons several powerful Vrock to guard and protect her, and she asks that Mikheil make it his top priority to find a way for her to return to her home. Has magical bracers, a withered black rose, and a magical amulet. Knows about the “center of town” thing, Stillmound, the forest, and Luthilda. She provided a 5k gem for helping to resurrect dead party members in exchange for a favor to be named later. Favor is nothing but to get home. Party is a few levels away from plane shift (if that will even work).

Sea Queen

Island of the Sea King

Undead zombie from Island of the Sea King. Killed (again).

Sea Shanty Sunday

Crescent Moon Tavern, Darkpool

A regular minstrel event that occurs at the Crescent Moon in Darkpool.

Sea Zombies


7’ tall sailor on Darkpool’s docks. They are wet and bloated looking. Slain, but rumored not to be as rare as they should be.

Selinez the Bartender

Miller's Tavern, Darkpool

Selinez the Bartender. A short man with a ready grin, and short, curly alabaster hair. He has round purple eyes that glitter strangely in the light. He also has a wide forehead.

Selinez is always willing to help people, and usually quick to smile and laugh. Selinez was last in Miller's Tavern in Darkpool, and if you need to talk to him, this is probably the place to start looking. At this point, Selinez is a very minor character, but should probably be pushed into to the limelight.

Shiny Shilling


Difficult to find shop that buys and sells magic items. Located off a twisted, narrow alley. The narrow door isn’t apparent to causal passerby, and does seem to move about a bit. Run by Rast Aleman.

Silver Feather

With Mikheil

Found after the battle with Olaf / Otto. Presumable related to him in some way. Suggested as a component to a “Phantasmal Killer” spell.

Silver Spike

With Toya or Mikheil

Olaf / Otto’s  offhand weapon in his quest to slay undead. Small for a piton. Toya had it, or maybe Mikheil has it now.

Siren’s Grotto

Near Darkpool

Cave filled with a variety of empty bottles, when the sea breeze blows, an eerie music can be heard. Sand and shell beach nearby. In the back of the grotto is a deep pool, a skeleton at the bottom had a Quall’s feather token – fan.



Based in Darkpool, with Christopher Death as a likely player

Some guy with a magic ring


Stopped by to help in the battle with the Quasit. This may have been the drunk person they followed out of the tavern with the possible intent to steal his magical items…

Sorceress, magic longspear


Slain by party near Burzden

Staff of Healing


Taken from a Dragon’s Treasure. Currently in Mikheil’s possession (I think).

Stanislov McGillicutty “Dan”

Darkpool, or on Red Ruby's Red Roaring Reveng (which is at Darkpool or at sea)

Really, with a name like that, you don't need a lot of physical description.

He might look like this: ( image credit )

Scene: An older man (scouting for the press) comes around the corner, looks the character dead in the eye, and then shouts over his shoulder "Not this way, check back that other way".

He turns back, and with a wink asks "Are you kids OK?"

My name is Stanislaw McGillicuddy, at your service, but you can call me Dan. Most every body does.

(side information available) He is recruiting for the ship Red Ruby's Red Roaring Revenge. For whatever reason, he has decided to let the players go.


North of Toluca Lake

A small and inviting village, a center for the slow and sleepy pace of village life, with worn cobblestone streets and old stone buildings, built on the north shore of Toluca lake.

On the west side, village streets wind between old houses to the village school.

On the east side, narrower village streets wind between older houses and vaulted passages up to the medieval ramparts and tower of the main church (devoted to Auril) at the top of a steep hill.

Two cold mountain streams flow through (and beneath) the village, with bridges spaced at regular intervals.

North out of town is a pathway that lead you to the Chapel of Tymora, to a camp at the edge of town, or you can enter the edge of the dark forest. On the northern side of town, and the southern part of the dark forest, you can often spot large ravens, 24" specimens, black with a purple sheen. Inhabitants will suggest that it is safest to remain indoors after full dark, but they are reluctant to explain why. Rumor seems to indicate that a cabal of ancient vampires actually run Stillmound, the humans there as well kept cows, and that might account for the strange nights. The village has only 400-900 permanent residents.

Stillmound Market Square


One of the stall owners complains that someone has been stealing chickens. The generative force medieval cities is security. Most settlements begin in the shadow of strongholds, towers, castles, or great churches. Stillmound is no different in that respect, it just differs in what gives it security.

Stillmound Water Mill Owner

Southeast of Stillmound

Arcane caster. Patchover his eye. 12 apprentices, and a necromantic millstone. Mill is closed on the nights of full and new moons. Water powered mill.

Stone Face


Mikheil was being flown by Princess in Darkpool, and knocked at a window. A stone face appeared in the window, and Mikheil and Princess took off.

Storm Crowe

Darkpool or at sea

Ship known to have docked at Darkpool

Strange Elves

Dark Mountains

They are described as odd looking elves, but Mikheil is not convinced that they are elves at all. Known to possess Psi bows that do not require strings, and also transform arrows into icy arrows with other effects. Manny says there are at least 7 more of them, but the party could not locate more than just the one.

Tarakone Praxidice

Last seen at the Diamond Spider Tavern

TaraKone  Praxidice  Human Dragon Shaman  (LN)

Tearoom Tavern


Welcome to Tearoom Tavern (also known as the Teahouse Tavern); one of the finest examples of architecture in Stillmound. Situated in the center of town, it is convenient for access to market square, and various shops, and restaurants. The building reflects the working nature of the tavern and the elegance of the times.
Proprietress (human) named Galadia ( or was it Gala Dia, hard to say, it was said so quickly ).

A warm bath is available, as well as reasonable rates on room and board. The guest's laundry will be done overnight, and is already part of the fee. Stained glass window with a scene on it. Cool interior. Faint smell of incense. Minstrel playing in the background. Apples in bowls everywhere. Everything carved from wood, including tableware. No metal or ceramics. The incense casts a mild suggestion of satisfaction, and an urge to tip well. Calitha the barkeep. Bristles with magic items. Maytessa, the owner, is not available right now. Lars Hawthorn the bouncer.  Not magical, but has a large (baseball bat) club. Asked for some sacks (150 lbs, crunch slightly) to be delivered to the miller, and she paid in silver in advance. Assumed to be bones… Second task was to buy bread for 10-15 people. Third task was to deliver a lead scarab to Miller Tavern in Darkpool. Vampiress tavern keeper is Stillmound's domain lord. Concept: Why live in a dark tomb if you can live instead in a dark tavern. She protects her  flock, the town, and eats the occasional troublemaker.

Temple of Istisha

Island of the Sea King

Temple of the Goddess Itisha, overlooks a manor house on a drowned island. Note, Lemonhead and Meli have offered her services.

Temple of Luthic


Stone building found in the center Burzden.

Temple of Tymora (Darkpool)


Both party members were raised from the dead in exchange for Manny becoming a card carrying member, and two favors (one each) to be named later. Very nice temple, as you would expect for the Goddess of Luck in a pirate town.


Gypsy Camp

Man from the Gypsy camp

Throwing Axe +5

Manny Badgers

Taken from a Dragon’s Treasure. Currently in Manny’s possession.

Timora, aka "Here kitty kitty"

Crescent Moon Tavern, Darkpool

A soot black cat - known to visit the kitchen of the Crescent Moon Tavern. Meows and purrs.  Did not trip the alarm spell, so must have been ethereal or inside the per miter when the alarm spell was cast.

Toluca Graveyard (Toluca Lake)

Toluca Lake

A small graveyard and church, overlooking the lake

Toluca Lake


The name Toluca means “fertile valley". Toluca Lake is a large, stream fed freshwater lake, with enough fishable waters to support commercial fishing. The name Toluca, which means “fertile valley,” was the name of an actual Indian village located on the Los Angeles River over 4,000 years ago.

Though its precise size is unknown, Toluca Lake must be large enough to accommodate the construction of two mid-sized towns upon its shores, with those towns being a boat-ride apart from each other. Numerous hills encompass it, suggesting it may rest in a valley. In addition to hills, rivers and swaths of pine forest are also shown to be plentiful. Toluca Lake Island Church of the Rebirth - A small church on Toluca Lake Island

Toluca Lake Inn Ruins

Toluca Lake

A once-prominent building, the inn has since been consumed by fire. Occasionally, wisps of smoke can be seen here, even though the fire has been gone for years.

Toya Pcrescent


Toya Crescent  Human Cleric  (CN). Rhona the Gypsy predicted that she will be naked in a big pile of gold.



Darkpool Location

Unknown cave dweller (dead)

Dark Forest

Humanoid that looked a lot like Weyland living in a cave with a Dryad (or Dryad/Vampire hybrid).

Unknown cave dweller (living)

Dark Forest

Human, but prettier and greener. Stupid fast. Eyes flash red “Leave me alone”. Fast healing.



Vrock summoned by Saladriel the School Teacher as bodyguard, and to protect Mikheil’s Brain. Vicky thinks Saladriel wants to eat Mikheil’s brain, and Vock things she wants Mikheil’s brain for some knowledge it contains.

Vidal’s Mace


AKA Mace of the Sea King. +1 mace. Toya

Village School


The village school is a small, unassuming building in an out of the way corner of the village. It is generally of little importance at this time. If we were writing adventures or stories related to a younger audience, I am sure that would change.

Violent Sorceress Alehouse


Darkpool Location



Vrock summoned by Saladriel the School Teacher as bodyguard, and to protect Mikheil’s Brain. Vicky thinks Saladriel wants to eat Mikheil’s brain, and Vock things she wants Mikheil’s brain for some knowledge it contains.

Wealthy Foxes


Darkpool Location



Stillmound. As a weaponsmith you'll find that more often than not, heroes and adventurers will be coming to you for gear. While the workload can be unbearable at times, the riches more than make up for the back strain and ash lung. An outdoor forge, with a roof overhead, and spots of ash floating in the air. You find Omarag Smiddag and his assistants. Grizzled and battle-scarred dwarf, Omarag will be glad to swap a tale or two of derring do on the battle field, but he won't lower his prices for you. Been there, got the scars and the loot... "I am helping you, but not out of the kindness of my heart..."

Items forged here will bear the mark (os) Omarag might be able to provide a tip on where to find a good delve, should he be inclined.


Dark Forest

(Human or half-elf or) Elven Druid found in the Dark Forest. Warns about Stillmound, “not all enemies of man are obvious”. Trapped in the forest. Introduction to the idea that each area might have an NPC trapped in the center of it. Knows recipe for healing salve.   Slain by Ilvilkithar. Later brought back by the party.   When brought back, alluded to a dark past, and stopping “most of the human sacrifice”, but there is a curse.

Whitish lichen/seaweed

Darkpool Bay

Looks like normal seaweed that has had the color leached out. Found in the bay of Darkpool.