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Reavers of Stillmound Campaign


A rough port town, populated with traders, pirates, and slavers. The humans here tend to be tall and muscular, yellow or reddish hair, loud and boisterous. Orcs and half-orcs are the next most commonly represented, as well as some other unusual races.

If a ship is careful, or there is a fog, you could navigate past Darkpool and go upriver. On the other hand, a bit of bad luck might just bring out some unwanted attention.

Notable Landmarks and Destinations

Bull's Head Tavern
Toluca River

Notable NPCs

Enori the Hunter
Raxik the Priest
Selinez the Bartender

DM Information

This pirate town is where the raiders that snatched the party early on are based. Average level is probably 12 ( aka stout ).

Dublin, ( from Duhb-Lihn, meaning Black Pool ) one of the largest Viking cities in the British isles, became a major European slave-trading center.


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